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These books are written for all ages but may appeal best to those in Grades 4-8. I'd love to know what you think!

Out of the Darkness_Final.jpg

Book One:

Alec has been seeing a therapist because he made a pencil slide (not roll) across his desk. Turns out telekinesis is not the only thing he is capable of. Dark entities keep trying to control him, two sisters keep trying to help him, and he keeps trying to figure out if it's all a dream.


We wish the Dioniks, the Merpeople, the Entosh, and the Dragons are just a dream.

There's a secret book, sneaky friends, portals, staries, time travel, and a hairy ape stuck in the wall. There's also the Light - the only thing strong enough to overcome the Darkness. 

Oh ... and Alec wants tennis shoes. (It's a long story).

-Fantasy and Sci-fi readers will not want to put this book down.

-If you enjoyed The Unwanteds, by Lisa McMann, fans say Out of the Darkness is for you.

-May I suggest adding this to your anti-bullying library?

From Fear & Fury_Final.jpg

Book Two:

This book revolves around the ever-curious and ever-arguing Alec. We see some personal growth from him, but not before he chooses to panic. Honestly, I can't believe he doesn't pee his pants.


First, he learns that the Dioniks have been in his house, then he gets himself stuck on their home planet. He discovers the Rivaldi and the Rigunda, evades teeth and spears, learns to become invisible, and tries to explain that a rumbling stomach does not indicate the end of his days. There's also some boring stuff in this one, like how Alec uses his powers to cheat at football.

-This book is kinda non-stop.

-If you don't like giant scorpions, you will still love this book.

-Do you think Alec is a cheater? Let me know!

Into the Light_final.jpg

Book Three:

It's unnerving to learn that the struggle to be free is a forever-thing. Learning he's not the only one struggling is reassuring. Still, Alec's emotion gets in the way and he has to decide which way to point his feet.

In this book, an octopus honks, Verity wants a plesiosaur, Alec may or may not be able to Smell things. The starie is waterproof, tails are burnproof, there are magic rings. Reetbe refuses to swim in the sea, the Dioniks attack, the Merpeople sing. And the Light—it changes everything.

It's a deep-diving, sky-soaring adventure to find a pendant piece.


-If you're afraid of heights you'll miss the most spectacular view.

-A journey doesn't end, it becomes a beginning.

-If you don't believe, how will you succeed?

CClarke Write

CClarke Write

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