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Your children will love these books, but will you?

My Purpose: to write an adventure story that is entertaining - without bloodshed and violence, without solving problems through aggression and bullying. I needed to show my own children that there is always another way.

This story is not political or religious. It does incorporate positive thinking, teamwork, and compromise. This is fantasy, with science fiction elements. Or it is science fiction with a hint of fantasy. To compromise: it is an interesting blend of science fiction and fantasy. 

It is character-driven. You will experience your child talking about the characters, laughing at their antics, and pondering the choices they make.

Throughout the story, Alec struggles with a sense of self. He's realizing for the first time that he has an identity - something middle graders can relate to. We see him making positive choices and developing an inner strength that allows him to deal with challenging situations in a productive way.

*Your favorite bookstore makes it as easy as possible to get books in front of eager readers. Visit their website for free ereaders to download on your desktop or mobile device.


**Note: I offer my ebooks to libraries for free. Please let your library know my ebooks are in their OverDrive (40,000+ libraries), Baker & Taylor Axis 360, Bibliotheca-CloudLibrary, Odilo, and/or Gardners catalogs, and ask them to add my ebooks to their collection.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best Regards,


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