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bullet points
ISBN-13: 978-0-9916534-9-2  ebook

a collection of thoughts

for those who battle, grand and small

for those who know, it's none or all

Poetry. It encourages us to read between the lines as we sight along them. This makes it difficult to assign a solid shape to the thoughts collected here.

To be delightfully vague....

This book is about surviving-loving, living, fighting, forgiving-and thriving.
Whatever it takes.

Trans Gold Award.png

a superb gift

Bullet Points by Clarissa Clarke is, without doubt, one of the most unusual collections of poetry I have ever come across and one of the most captivating. The freestyle verses are all short, so “bullet points” describes them perfectly. The closest to a “title poem”, and none of them have traditional titles except in the table of contents, is “bite the bullet, bite the bullet, bite the bullet”; a repeated command that drives the reader onward. The book description reads “a collection of thoughts for those who battle, grand and small for those who know, it’s none at all”. Each poem is encapsulated within a picture, some of them almost plain, leaving the words to express the meaning alone, whilst others illustrate it.

In this collection of freestyle poetry, a few of the lines do rhyme, if only by repetition, as in “gentle you soothe you forgive you”. The final line and the subject chosen for the artwork can be found about two-thirds of the way through Bullet Points; there is nothing so pedestrian and intrusive as page numbers. My personal favorite reads “a flower for you a reminder to bloom forget not”, but you must look to see which flower Clarissa Clarke has chosen because it isn’t obvious. Nothing about Bullet Points is obvious. There is a romantic thread of love and loss or fear of loss, but it’s broken frequently by other observations from twilight to twilight**. Bullet Points by Clarissa Clarke is a “must-have” for any poetry lover and a superb gift likely to convert a friend previously disinterested in any form of verse.

-Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

love bites
ISBN-13: 978-1-7352235-0-6  ebook

a collection of thoughts

for those who stretch tentative hands

for those who stand wherever they land

Poetry. It can wash over you, quick and clean. It can surround you, letting you sink and swim and soak until you are ready to surface. The thoughts collected here move like the ocean and are difficult to capture in a box.

To be purposefully vague....

This book is about loving-bending, breaking, burning, budding-and creating.
Whatever it takes.

Trans Gold Award.png

Both collections of poetry were distinguished with first place awards in the 2020 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Contest. Bullet Points received first place in the Military category. Love Bites received first place in the Poetry category. Both books are available in ebook format from your favorite retailer.

The Man in the Moon: And Other Tall Tales
ISBN-13: 978-1-7352235-1-3  ebook

Singing of balance, Clarissa Clarke's third volume of poetry weaves legend and ecology, entertainment and hope. It builds fires, strokes senses, and showcases the infinite possibilities open to us.


This contemporary collection of tales is a stunning exploration of the complex connections between humanity and nature. Perfect for gifting - and rereading. 

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